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If you hold a handicap at Whetstone Golf Club as a Home or Away members you should have received the attached memo by post or Email.


If you have NOT received this memo a copy can be obtained in the Proís shop.


Please fill in the details and return as soon as possible.


Thank You

 Peter Seddon

Handicap Secretary

01455 283488




England Golf - World handicap System

 Iím sure you will all know that the handicap system will change world wide on November 2nd this year.


In regard to this we have received a demand from England Golf that they require both an E Mail Address and a Date of Birth for all members before they will issue a handicap after the change over. Junior members without an email address of their own may use an email address of a parent or guardian.


In order for us to comply with this we require not only your details but also your consent to pass this information to the organisation that provides our software (Club Systems International - who will then supply it to England Golf).


Due to the short notice given to us by England Golf, we ask you add the information below and return to me ASAP.


Our revised Privacy Policy is available on our website see menu left

The England Golf Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.englandgolf.org/privacy-policy/


Thank You

Peter Seddon

Whetstone Golf Club Committee

 Date of Birth ______________________

Confirm Email Address______________________

I agree to distribution of this data as outlined above.

NAME ___________________________


Please reply Urgently to Peter Seddon


or c/o 19 Chestnut Close , Broughton Astley, LE9 6UB.