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Competition Conditions (14)

Winter Monthly Stableford

October to March


1. Stableford competitions will be held in accordance with the R&A Rules of Golf and the Whetstone Competition Rules as published.

2. The event will be Stableford with Full handicap Allowance

3. The submitted round must be played on the designated day.

4. You MUST pay the entrance fee ( £1.50) in the envelopes provided and placing it in the blue box in the pro’s shop and you MUST enter your name on the Entry Sheet (pinned to the Notice board in the locker room) before commencing your round. Failure to comply will mean exclusion from the competition.

5. Prizes will be awarded for 1 to 4 places depending on the number of entries

6. Gentlemen and Junior Boys are to play from White Tees if available otherwise from Yellow Tees, Ladies And Junior Girls from red.

rev 24/9/2018, 16/3/2019