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Competition Conditions (15)

Mens Order of Merit Competition Rules

1)    The competition will run concurrently with the normal weekend events.

2)    Points will be allocated to the top ten finishers in each of the divisions in any qualifying strokeplay events including monthly medals (Sat or Sun ) played between April to Sept inclusive.  

3)    10 points will be allocated to first place, 9 to second etc until 1 point for 10th place. For the purposes of this competition points will be divided equally in the event of a tie.

4)    NR s will not be allocated any points.

5)    There is no maximum or minimum number of rounds required to qualify for a score.

6)    All adult members holding handicaps are automatically entered in this competition. There is no need to take any further action. Juniors on handicaps up to and including 28 will be allocated points only if they have entered the Men's Medal Competition.

rev 27/7/06,8/4/09, 06/04/16