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Competition Conditions (12)


The following must be read in conjunction with the England Golf “General Conditions and Rules”, “Hard Card” and other related policies applicable to all England Golf Championships, all of which can be found at www.englandgolf.org/championships

Conditions of Competition

A. Club Qualifying Round

1. Entry Qualification.

a) The PING Women’s tournament is open to all female members of affiliated golf clubs in England. The winners will be the PING Fourball Betterball Champions of England.

b) Entrants must be in possession of a competition “c” handicap not exceeding 36 under the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.

c) Any club which does not permit a junior lady member with a competition “c” CONGU Handicap to compete in a qualifying round shall not be entitled to go forward in the tournament.

2. The qualifying round shall consist of 18 holes of Fourball Betterball stableford and must be played from a Measured Course with a Standard Scratch Score. Date to be decided by the club committee. To be played between 1 January - 31 July 2018.

3. Competitors must register their intention to compete in the tournament by entering their names on the registration form before going out to play. Any player who fails to sign the sheet will be deemed to have never entered the tournament.

4. Entry Fee - £5 per pair (minimum 3 pairs).

5. Handicap allowance – each partner each receives 90% handicap allowance.

6. There must be a minimum of 3 pairs playing in every club qualifying round.

7. Members of more than one club may compete in the qualifying round at each club where they are a member but may only compete in one final.

8. The committee is responsible for the running of the qualifying round at their club. On course Local Rules as approved by the club tournament committee will apply.

9. Time of Starting. Rule 6-3a applies. The organising committee reserves the right to amend starting times and groups.

10. Transportation/ Buggies. General Condition 18 applies.

11. Distance Measuring Devices. Hard Card Local Rule 12 applies.

12. In accordance with the Note to Rule 33-2b and, with the consent of the club committee, a club may arrange an alternative day for the qualifying round.

13. In the event of a tie, England Golf General Condition 15b (countback) will apply.

14. The top 50 pairs in England will qualify through to the GRAND FINAL. GRAND FINAL places will be awarded based on the top 50 best stableford scores. The next 50 best stableford scores will qualify for the PLATE FINAL. If over-subscribed there will be a waiting list.

15. The Ladies’ Secretary of an affiliated club in England, or her appointed representative, must send in to the England Golf Championship Office:

          • Entry Fees for all competitors (cheques payable to ‘England Golf’)

          • Player Registration Form completed

          • Club Qualifying Round Results

          • Score Cards for the winning pair