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Temporary Competition Conditions


There are Mens and Ladies divisions. Men from White tees Ladies Red.

The competitions will be Qualifying for handicap purposes.


Open to all paid up members with handicaps. Please book your own T Time with the Pro’s shop.


You must sign in on the entry sheet in the pro’s shop BEFORE play. Place your entry fee (£1.50 for medals £3.50 for Greenkeepers) in the envelopes provided and write your name on it. Place in the Blue box.


Your card must be scored by another member who must sign the card and return it to the competition (wooden) box in the Pro’s Shop. Verify your score with the marker but do not sign yourself.  Do not attempt to use the touch screen self entry system.


The results will be processed and published in 4-5 days.


The competitions will be played under the current temporary rules i.e. Social Distancing, no touching of flags or course furniture etc, ball holed out when part of ball has come to rest below ground level.

Please also note the Temporary Local rule regarding preferred lies in bunkers.





Whetstone Golf Club Committee 17/8/2020