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Duties of Members

In Regard to Handicaps  --

    Under the C.O.N.G.U system of handicapping, there are several obligations on handicap holders:-

        1 To have only one handicap.

        2 To notify us if you are also member at another club.

        3 If you are member of more than one club. You must elect one as your "home" club to administer  your  handicap.     You must notify your "Away" clubs of any changes to your handicap.

4 In competitions

Ensure your name is on the entry list                                          

Return your card whether you complete the round or not. (No Returns –NRs)

Report to Home club all Qualifying Scores (inc NRs) and Stableford Reduced Score.

Prior to play ensure that your handicap is up to date including any self reductions.

Fill in your score card correctly

In Regard to Golf Course Etiquette:-

On the Course:-

The one major issue that will guarantee to make you public enemy number one is slow play. When you start playing, it may be surprising to find how quickly you have to walk round the course. One slow match can ruin the enjoyment of 100 golfers (no exaggeration). It is best for all concerned if you can keep pace with the golfers in front. If you cannot and you lose one clear hole to the players in front you must wave the match behind through.

Course Care:-

No trolleys on the greens, green approaches, hazards or tees.

Replace all turf cut or displaced while playing

Smooth over all club and footprint marks made in bunkers i.e. use the rake.

Rakes must be returned to the bunker after use.

Repair ball pitch marks on greens.

Take care not to damage the hole when handling the flagstick.

Lay the flagstick on the green (or better still, off it). Don’t throw or drop it.

Do not leave golf bags on the green.

Be quiet when your partners are playing their shot and be aware that there are other people on the course.



There you are – quite easy really, but it is amazing how many golfers who have been playing for a few years and have yet to acquire this knowledge.


In Regard to Dress:-

As a member your attention is drawn to the Club bye-laws :-

On the Course:

"Dress standards on the course must be upheld. Players on the course must wear shirts with a collar or a polo neck shirt or pullover. Tailored shorts are allowed but must be worn in conjunction with white socks. Collar-less shirts, singlets, jeans, tracksuits and trousers which are tucked into socks are not allowed on the course. Shirts must be tucked into trousers at all times."

In the Clubhouse:

"Dress standards in the clubhouse must be upheld. No hats, spiked shoes or waterproofs are allowed to be worn in the lounge area."