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Competition Conditions (4)


Rosebowl Knock-Out Rules


Entries:- Entry to the competition is by finishing in the top 32 of the qualifying event.

Format:-  Singles Matchplay (R&A rules Apply).

Maximum Handicap Index:- Men     28       Juniors          14                             

Handicap Allowance:- 0.95  of playing handicaps. 

Tees:- White tees to be used if out, otherwise yellow. 

Contact Details:- Players must enter their contact details on the draw sheet within three weeks of the draw being made. 

Dates:- Matches to be played ON THE stipulated dates.  

Players may agree to play before the stipulated date, but players must endeavour to contact their opponent at least two weeks before the stipulated date to arrange a time/date for their match.  It is expected that all members will cooperate with their opponents in arranging a mutually agreeable date.  

If an agreement cannot be reached player's should contact Peter Seddon (or a member of the Competition Committee) at least 14 Days before the stipulated time, otherwise both players will be eliminated. 

Matches may only be played after the stipulated date if the course has been closed or if play has been suspended due to poor light and then only by agreement with the Competition Committee. 

Ties:- In the event of a match being all square after 18 holes it will  decided by "sudden death", with play continuing from the first hole.  Strokes continue to be taken as per the stroke indices.  The first player to win a hole being the winner.  

Peter Seddon 

01455 283488 peter@whetstoneGC.co.uk

02/03/13   23/3/21