Whetstone  Results 2003

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Whetstone  Results 2004            
4-Jan-04 January Medal Sunday Div1 1st G Henry 65      
      2nd A Mawby 68      
      3rd N Power 69      
    Div2 1st C Fox 66      
      2nd BN Turner 71      
      3rd J Jones 73      
5-Jan-04 January Medal Senior   1st L Moore 44 pts    
      2nd R Bagworth 44 pts    
      3rd M Pratt 41 pts    
1-Feb-04 February Medal Sunday Div1 1st M Peyton 60      
      2nd T Hodges 61      
      3rd N Power 65      
    Div2 1st J B Smith 62      
      2nd T Bradley 64      
      3rd C Yates 65      
      Junior W Loach 61      
2-Feb-04 February Medal Senior Div1 1st C Rowntree 43 pts    
      2nd S Cave 41 pts    
      3rd J Hollard 39 pts    
    Div2 1st B Limbert 43 pts    
      2nd R Nettleton 41 pts    
      3rd G Whyatt 41 pts    
1-Mar-04 March Medal Senior Div1 1st D Thomas 41 pts    
      2nd P Mason 38 pts    
      3rd R Bagworth 38 pts    
    Div2 1st P Halford 44 pts    
      2nd C Jones 39 pts    
      3rd G Whyatt 38 pts    
6-Mar-04 March Medal Saturday Div1 1st A Dalby 65      
      2nd A Mawby 65      
      3rd J Humphreys 66      
    Div2 1st M Stanley 64      
      2nd L Bogic 66      
      3rd I Childs 67      
7-Mar-04 March Medal Sunday Div1 1st S Corby 61      
      2nd I Anderson 64      
      3rd N Smith 65      
    Div2 1st C Fox 66      
      2nd C Yates 67      
      3rd P Foster 68      
  Mens Winter League   Winners I Hurst & R Blow        
      RU N Barnett & I Bradley        
  Mixed Winter League   Winners A Brady & D Loach        
      RU D Cole & G Tipler        
  ladies Singles Winter League Winner Sue Barker        
      RU Margaret Pratt        
  Ladies Pairs Winter League Winners Jinney Green and Margaret Pratt      
      RU Louie Davies and Angela Brady      
  Ladies Par bar   Silver Sue Barker        
      Bronze Angela Brady        
  Ladies Birdie Tree   Silver Elsie Spring        
      Bronze Jill Taylor        
20-Mar-04 Easter Special   1st A Robinson R Kearney 89      
      2nd M Stacey M Peyton 83      
      3rd P Trigg B Eversfield 81      
      4th R Coleman D Hobbs 76      
      5th Roy Martin S Martin 72      
      6th C Knight R Blow 70      
27-Mar-04 April Medal Saturday Div1 1st H Sillitoe 66      
      2nd A Dalby 66      
      3rd G Spring 67      
    Div2 1st L Powell 66      
      2nd I McGovern 67      
      3rd J Paulley 67      
      Junior W Loach 50      
28-Mar-04 April Medal Sunday Div1 1st G Newton Jnr 61      
      2nd R Kearney 62      
      3rd P Evans 63      
    Div2 1st L Lacey 63      
      2nd C Yates 67      
      3rd G Newton 68      
  Winter Eclectic Mens 1st R Kearney 52      
      2nd M Stacey 52      
      3rd A R Butler 54      
    Ladies Silver Jan Hibberd        
      Bronze Louie Davies        
1-Apr-04 April Midweek Medal Div1 1st J Hutchby 64      
      2nd P Seddon 69      
      3rd S Cave 70      
    Div2 1st B Bannister 72      
      2nd A Nicklin 75      
      3rd A Gower 90      
5-Apr-04 April Medal Senior Div1 1st D Jaundrell 71      
      2nd G Golby 72      
      3rd A Sturgess 72      
    Div2 1st B Morgan 67      
      2nd R Morgan 71      
      3rd R Gosling 72      
17-Apr-04 Terratruck Trophy   1st G Nutting and J Prentice 43 pts    
      2nd G Newton and G Newton Jnr 42 pts    
      3rd S Jordan and A Lane 41 pts    
      4th G Spring and  S Spring 41 pts    
      5th I Hurst and R Blow 38 pts    
      6th K Yeomans and K Knight 38 pts    
      Juniors S Duffin and J Kenney 42 pts    
    Ladies 1st Doreen Johnstone andJan Hibberd    
      2nd Sue Barker and Lesley Ravensdale    
18-Apr-04 Goldsmiths Trophy   1st Jinney Green and M Stacey        
      2nd Nicky Morris and P Lowe        
24-Apr-04 Rosebowl  Qualifier 1st S Newton 67      
      2nd D Keown 68      
      3rd S Newton Jnr 69      
      Junior W Loach 74      
    ladies 1st Nicky Morris        
      2nd Angela Brady        
25-Apr-04 Coronation Foursomes   1st  Leslie Ravensdale and Jan Hibberd    
26-Apr-04 May  Medal Senior  Div1 1st G MacCabe 73      
      2nd S Cave 74      
      3rd A Kemp 75      
    Div2 1st M Dakin 72      
      2nd J Robinson 74      
      3rd B Limbert 76      
    vets 1st R Bowen 76      
      2nd G Woodman 78      
      3rd L Moore 80      
1-May-04 Scratch Matchplay Qualifier 1st G Tipler 70      
      2nd M Peyton 72      
      3rd Adam Dalby 74      
      4th P Seddon 76      
      5th Danny Loach 77      
      6th G Newton Jnr 78      
    Junior Winner Will Loach 92      
    ladies Gross Janet Morris        
      Silver Sue Barker        
      Bronze Nicky Morris        
06-May May Mid week Medal   1st A Gower 89      
08-May May Medal Saturday   1st D Coleman 66      
      2nd I Hurst 67      
      3rd G Tipler 67 COURSE RECORD
      1st C Steele 72      
      2nd S F Martin 76      
      3rd I Childs 78      
      Junior Samuel Duffin 60      
09-May Carrid Trophy   1st Jan Hibberd and W Bowley        
      2nd Kate Robinson and G Nutting      
09-May May Medal Sunday    1st P D Lowe 64      
      2nd M Peyton 70      
      3rd Danny Loach 70      
      1st S Aukland 73      
      2nd P Foster 74      
      3rd B N Turner 75      
15-May Founders Day   1st M Stacey 4 up    
      2nd M Peyton 3 up    
      3rd C Attfield 2 up    
      4th N Cooper 2 up Rabbits Winner
      5th K Knight 2 up    
      6th S Corby 1 up    
      Junior Jack Attfield 2 up    
22-May-04 Greensome Trophy   1st I Hurst and K Knight 67      
      2nd A Merry anad N Merry 69 cb    
      3rd M Kenny and C Ball 69 cb    
      4th G Spring and  S Spring 69 cb    
      5th G Tipler and D Loach 69 cb    
      6th M Hawkes and J MacDonald 69 cb    
      Juniors S Duffin and J Kenney 63      
24-May-04 June Medal Senior  Div1 1st D Bates 75      
      2nd D Jaundrell 75      
      3rd L Moore 76      
    Div2 1st B Peel 75      
      2nd H McKInlay 77      
      3rd M Dakin 77      
3-Jun-04 June Mid Week Medal Div1 1st W T Bowley 74      
      2nd M R Bryant 78      
    Div2 1st B A Bannister 72      
      2nd D Ballard 73      
      3rd R W Bowen 77      
5-Jun-04 Douglas Bader Cup   1st Sharon Banks and P Seddon 40 pts    
      2nd Angela Brady and W Bowley 38pts    
5-Jun-04 June Medal Saturday Div1 1st S Newton 65      
      2nd G Spring 67      
      3rd M Ewen 68      
    Div2 1st D Keown 70      
      2nd R J Coleman 72 cb    
      3rd P W Trigg 72 cb    
    Junior   Joshua Kenney 62      
5-Jun-04 June Medal Sunday Div1 1st A W Mawby 70 cb    
      2nd A J Robinson 70 cb    
      3rd N P Power 70 cb    
    Div2 1st M Tebbett 69      
      2nd N Baker 70 cb    
      3rd D Holt 70 cb    
12-Jun-04 Captains' Day   1st M A Hawkes 63      
      2nd G Newton Jnr 66      
      3rd N Merry 68 cb    
      4th B Arkle 68 cb    
      5th G Spring 68 cb    
      6th C Bailey 69 cb    
    Best rabbit G E Fox 69      
    Best Gross G Tipler 71      
    Junior Winner W Loach 63      
19th June Woodlands Trophy    1st M Peyton and G Tipler 76      
      2nd J Kenney and S Duffin 74      
      3rd A Robinson and R Kearney 72      
      4th A Chambers and B Ladkin 70 cb    
      5th S Corby and N Foster 70 cb    
      6th M Kenney and P Duffin 70 cb    
20th June Jeff Humphrey Memorial  1st D Tranter and Scott Martin 46      
      2nd P Middleton and  P Lowe 45 cb    
      3rd D Loach and M Peyton 45 cb    
      4th M Tebbett and I Anderson 44      
      5th M Kenney and P Duffin 43      
      6th I Bradley and N Barnett 41      
21-Jun-04 Grandee Trophy Div 1 1st A Poultney 38 pts    
      2nd B Bannister 37 pts    
      3rd L Moore 35 pts    
    Div2 1st T Turnock 36 pts    
      2nd R Nettleton 36 pts    
      3rd J Robinson 36 pts    
26-Jun-04 Dewis Cup   Gross G Tipler 69      
        Adam Dalby 73      
        I Hurst 73      
        G Spring 74      
        Shaun Corby 75      
        Danny Loach 76      
      Net DIv1 I Hurst 67      
      Net Div 2 S Corby 64      
      Net Div3 P Wills 69      
      Junior J Kenney 61      
1-Jul-04 Mid Week Medal  July   Div1 M L Wileman 72      
        S Cave 81      
        A Hutchby 89      
      Div2 B A Bannister 71      
        R Windley 75      
        W Twigger 77      
10-Jul-04 July Medal Saturday   Div1 W T Bowley 67      
        G Spring 71 cb    
        P C Johnson 71 cb    
      Div2 N Timson 62      
        P W Trigg 64      
        C J Kirk 65      
      Junior Joshua Kenney 62      
11-Jul-04 July Medal Sunday   Div1 N Smith 66      
        R Kearney 68 cb    
        Shaun Corby 68 cb    
      Div2 C Yates 63      
        D Keown 69      
        M Tebbett 71      
12-Jul-04 Senior Club Championship Gross 1st G Nutting 81 cb    
      2nd D Thomas 81 cb    
      3rd L Moore 82      
    Nett 1st L Moore 66      
      2nd G Nutting 69 cb    
      3rd D Thomas 69 cb    
24-Jul-04 AM-AM   1st D Dalby/C Bailey /D Loach/C Attfield 140 pts    
      2nd D Newbitt/P Middleton/ A Merry/N Merry 145 pts    
      3rd S Knight/P Evans/I Anderson/M Tebbut 146 pts    
      4th A Brady/K Robinson/T Brady/T Robinson 148 pts