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Whetstone  Results 2006            
09-Jan January Medal Senior Div1 1st A P Sturgess   43    
      2nd A Hutchby   41    
      3rd R Bagworth   41    
    Div2 1st W Twigger   46 Winner Vets
      2nd G Whyatt   42    
      3rd T Brookin   42    
28-Jan January Medal Saturday Div1 1st Will Loach   59    
      2nd Adam Dalby   66    
      3rd Ross Shaw   68    
    Div2 1st A M Lane   63    
      2nd C J Kirk   65    
      3rd G Burton   67    
    Div3 1st G N Hall   65    
      2nd P Marris   67    
      3rd C Fox   69    
    Junior  1st D Vesty   67    
29-Jan January Medal Sunday Div1   no event        
    Div2 1st J Weeks   58    
      2nd S Dann   63    
      3rd C Yates   64    
    Div3 1st P Williamson   60    
      2nd R Maddock   61    
      3rd S Auckland   62    
06-Feb February Medal Senior Div1 1st J D Prentice   42    
      2nd D H O Neill   40 cb  
      3rd G B MacCabe   40 cb  
    Div2 1st T G Stocker   41 Winner Vets
      2nd I Seagrave   39 cb  
      3rd B Harris   39 cb  
18-Feb Feb Medal Saturday Div1 1st Scott Martin   63    
      2nd P Seddon   65    
    Div2 1st T Moore   58    
      2nd J B Smith   59    
      3rd M O Toole   60    
    Div3 1st A Acton   57    
      2nd L Bogic   58    
      3rd J P Blockley   59    
    Junior   Marcus Green   58    
19-Feb Feb Medal Sunday Div1 1st P Seddon   61    
      2nd Will Loach   67    
      3rd A J Robinson   77    
    Div2 1st S Dann   65 cb  
      2nd A Chamberlain   65 cb  
      3rd D Keown   66    
    Div3 1st T Fisher   59    
      2nd S Auckland   67    
      3rd R Maddock   70    
  Mixed Winter League   Winners G Tipler & Sue Barker        
      RU P Seddon & Angela Brady        
      3rd J Paulley & Terri Paulley        
  Ladies Singles Winter League 1st M Pratt        
      2nd A Brady        
  Ladies Pairs Winter League   1st L Davies & A Seabrook        
        J Green & M Pratt        
05-Mar Mar Medal Saturday Div1 1st G Coles   64    
      2nd P Seddon   68    
    Div2 1st I Childs   60 cb  
      2nd J Paulley   60 cb  
      3rd T Moore   62    
    Div3 1st L Powell   51    
      2nd L Bogic   60    
      3rd Roy Martin   64    
    Junior   Marcus Green   57    
06-Mar March Medal Sunday Div1 1st Scott Martin   68    
      2nd G Newton Jnr   73    
    Div2 1st M Merry   68    
      2nd D Keown   70    
      3rd N Tredell   71    
    Div3 1st J M Lacey   65    
      2nd M C Burley   72    
      3rd M J Smith   74    
06-Mar March Medal Senior Div1 1st B Parkes   44 pts  
      2nd S Cave   43    
      3rd D G Jaundrell   42    
    Div2 1st T Brookin   53    
      2nd D S Robinson   47 cb  
      3rd B H Brindle   47 cb  
      Vets J B Wigston   45 Winner   
  Mens Winter League   Winners I Middleton & I Merry        
      RU N Smith & L West        
  Mens Winter Eclectic   1st  J Prentice   52    
      2nd Tie  R Kearney  - D Keown   54    
  Womens Winter Eclectic   1st  Margaret Pratt   54    
      2nd   Sue Barker   57    
      3rd N Morris/P Nutting   58    
01-Apr April Medal Saturday Div1 1st Will Loach   69    
      2nd G Newton Jnr   70    
      3rd L Thacker   71    
    Div2 1st M O Toole   64 cb  
      2nd David Cooper   64 cb  
      3rd T Moore   67    
    Div3 1st S Auckland   65    
      2nd T Fisher   67    
      3rd C Fox   67    
    Junior 1st D Vesty   68    
02-Apr April Medal Sunday Div1   no event        
    Div2 1st M O Toole   65    
      2nd P Underwood   68    
      3rd M Merry   69    
    Div3 1st M C Burley   69    
      2nd S Auckland   70    
      3rd C Steele   72    
08-Apr Terratruck Trophy   1st M Stanley & L Bogic   47 pts  
      2nd M Peyton & L Thacker   43 pts  
      3rd M Tebbutt & D Stevens   43 pts  
      4th P Johnson & O Griffiths   43 pts  
      5th A Cave & A Lee   43 pts  
      6th J Blockley & J B Smith   42 pts  
    Juniors 1st  S Wallace & M Bibby   39 pts  
    Ladies 1st A Brady & J Whitehead        
      2nd J Hibberd & P Nutting        
10-Apr April Medal Senior Div1 1st G Nutting   69    
      2nd B Parkes   71    
      3rd L Moore   72    
    Div2 1st J W Spencer   65 cb  
      2nd P Maguire   65 cb  
      3rd R W James   66    
    Div3 1st B H Brindle   72 cb  
      2nd S Goddard   72 cb  
      3rd C Jones   73    
  Ladies Australian Spoons   1st P Nutting & K Robinson        
17-Apr Goldsmiths Trophy   1st J Prentice & Jenny Gould        
      2nd L Thacker & Barbara King        
      3rd D Cooper & Doreen Johnstone        
22-Apr Rosebowl Qualifier   1st L Thacker   64    
      2nd Will Loach   65    
      3rd A Chamberlain   66    
    Junior 1st Matthew Bibby   67    
      2nd Jack Attfield   73    
      3rd Scott Wallace   77    
    ladies 1st A Brady        
      2nd T Oldman        
      3rd E Spring        
24-Apr Tom Hobbs Cup   1st J Revill   39 cb  
      2nd P L Whyatt   39 cb  
      3rd I McGovern   39 cb  
29-Apr May  Medal sat Div1 1st Scott Martin   67    
      2nd Will Loach   68    
      3rd A J Robinson   69    
    Div2 1st P Hinson   65    
      2nd N Foster   67    
      3rd R Snodin   70    
    Div3 1st Mark Johnson   66    
      2nd P Williamson   69    
      3rd J P Blockley   70    
    Junior 1st Danny Vesty   69    
30-Apr May Medal Sun Div1 1st L Thacker   69    
      2nd A J Robinson   70    
      3rd Will Loach   72    
    Div2 1st Scott Wallace   64    
      2nd David Cooper   66    
      3rd N P Power   66    
    Div3 1st D Berry   66    
      2nd J Revill   70    
      3rd I Watts   71    
06-May Scratch Qualifier   1st G Tipler   67    
      2nd M Peyton   69 cb  
      3rd Adam Dalby   69 cb  
06-May Junior Scratch Trophy   1st Danny Vesty   87 cb  
      2nd Marcus Green   87 cb  
      3rd Scott Wallace   96    
06-May Ladies Scratch Event   1st E Spring        
      Nett Silver N Morris        
      Nett Bronze D Johnstone        
  Coronation Foursomes   1st Barbara King & Shelagh Butler        
13-May Founders Day Div1 1st I Merry   5 cb  
      2nd Will Loach   5 cb  
      3rd G Burton   4    
    Rabbits 1st K Edwards   3 up  
    Junior 1st Conner Kenney   2    
      2nd J Wallace   1    
      3rd Marcus Green   -1    
    Ladies 1st J Hibberd        
      2nd S Barker        
      3rd A Brady        
06-May Carrid Trophy   1st Sharon Banks & H Forbes        
      2nd Jenny Gould & M O'Toole        
      3rd Louie Davies & S Auckland        
03-Jun Douglas Bader Cup   1st L Ravensdale & L Thacker        
03-Jun June Medal Sat Div1 1st G Coles   66    
      2nd I Hurst   72    
      3rd Ross Shaw   75    
    Div2 1st David Cooper   61    
      2nd Roy Martin   67    
      3rd G Burton   70    
    Div3 1st S Shentall   62    
      2nd C Steele   68    
      3rd S Auckland   70    
      Junior Marcus Green   74    
04-Jun June Medal Sun Div1 1st Ross Shaw   65    
      2nd David Cooper   68    
      3rd S Knight   69    
    Div2 1st G Lucas   69    
      2nd W T Bowley   71    
      3rd N Tredell   72    
    Div3 1st T Fisher   63    
      2nd H J Cave   69    
      3rd Mark Johnson   71    
10-Jun Woodlands Trophy    1st  P Wills & K Edwards   74 pts  
      2nd D Loach & J Peacock   71 pts  
      3rd I Anderson & N Smith    69 pts  
      4th D Holt & S Auckland    68 pts cb  
      5th I Watts & D Berry   68 pts cb  
12-Jun Jun Medal Senior Div1 1st S Cave   67    
      2nd A Hutchby   76    
      3rd L Moore   77    
    Div2 1st P Maguire   71    
      2nd D A Burbage   74    
      3rd M Parsons   76    
    Div3 1st B Harris   68    
      2nd S Godfrey   71    
      3rd R A Manning   72    
17-Jun Captains' Day   1st M Merry   66    
      2nd David Cooper   67 cb  
      3rd G Burton   67 cb  
      4th C J Smith   68 cb  
      5th Shaun Corby   68 cb  
      6th M Peyton   68 cb  
    Best rabbit R Coleman   70    
    Best Gross M Peyton   68    
    Juniors 1st Conner Kenney   64 cb  
      2nd Danny Vesty   64 cb  
      3rd Marcus Green   67    
    Ladies 1st Jan Hibberd        
      2nd Angela Brady        
      Rabbit Kate Robinson        
      Best Gross Janet Morris        
  Cruikshank Trophy   1st Angela Brady &T Lynch        
      2nd Theresa Oldman & Danny Vesty      
18-Jun Jeff Humphrey     1st S Corby & L Thacker        45 pts 45 pts   
      2nd 2nd C Steele & M Kenmore     43 pts 43 pts   
      3rd 3rd T Brady &  P Seddon         42pts cb 42 pts cb  
      4th 4th J Weeks & N Tredell   42 pts cb  
25-Jun Dewis Cup Gross 1st  Ross Shaw   68 Lowest Gross Winner of Dewis Cup 
      2nd M Peyton   69    
      3rd  G Tipler   72    
      4th  Adam Dalby   73    
      5th  W Duke   73    
      6th  Shaun Corby   74    
    Net DIv1 1st  Ross Shaw   63    
      2nd W Duke   66 cb  
      3rd  M Peyton   66 cb  
    Net Div 2 1st  A Aitken   65    
      2nd A Merry   66    
      3rd  A W Mawby   68    
    Net Div3 1st  M Hewes   65    
      2nd D J Berridge   68    
      3rd  P Wills   69    
      Junior David Lynch   66    
    Ladies Gross Janet Morris        
      Silver Angela Brady        
      Bronze Alice Seabrook        
01-Jul July Medal Saturday Div1 1st G Spring   67 cb  
      2nd I Hurst   67 cb  
      3rd Will Loach   67 cb  
    Div2 1st I Childs   64    
      2nd G Burton   65