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The new Handicap Indices will be posted 2nd November

Link to golfer toolkit



WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM status September 2020


14th September - Transition will commence.

5th October WHS system and CONGU system will run in parallel

By late October you will be able to see your forecast handicap on the England  Golf website.

and on 2nd November full transfer to the WHS will take place.





TThe transfer to the new handicap system remains scheduled for the 2nd of November 2020. The following is extracted from the R&A website:-


In order to move from CONGU to WHS handicaps, all players’ current Handicap Records 
will be reprocessed using the WHS principles. The calculation will identify the best
 8 of the last 20 Qualifying Scores, if posted during the last 2 years, and factor in:

* The adjusted Gross Score (Score Differential)
* The Course Rating (or SSS)
* Any PCC (or CSS) adjustments
* The Slope Rating of the tees played

If a player has submitted less than 20 scores in the last 2 years, the calculation will
 be done in a similar manner to the method of allocating new handicaps, as shown below.
Players will be able to see their expected Transition Handicap and their Low Handicap 
Index (Anchor Point) on the PSI screen when your Club’s Handicapping Software is updated.

Players are encouraged to submit as many scores as possible between now and November 2020
 so that their Transition Handicap Index is a good reflection of their current playing ability.
9-hole scores are acceptable and Clubs are being encouraged to run 9-hole competitions 
to help with this.

If less than 20 Qualifying Scores posted in the last 2 years

* 3 scores: lowest score -2
* 4 scores: lowest score -1
* 5 scores: lowest score
* 6 scores: average of lowest 2 scores -1
* 7 to 8 scores: average of lowest 2 scores
* 9 to 11 scores: average of lowest 3 scores
* 12 to 14 scores: average of lowest 4 scores
* 15 to 16 scores: average of lowest 5 scores
* 17 to 18 scores: average of lowest 6 scores
* 19 scores: average of lowest 7 scores
* 20 scores: average of lowest 8 scores

If a player has no Qualifying Scores posted in the last 2 years, the Transition Handicap
 will be calculated on the basis of the 3 lowest scores being equal to their current
 playing handicap.
So a player with a 20 handicap will have scores of 20, 20 and 20 on their Scoring Record
 and their handicap at Transition will be (20 – 2) = 18.

There is, therefore, an incentive to return 3 Qualifying Scores in this year!
World Handicap System ( status Apr 2020)


Members please note:-
that the new World Handicap System scheduled to be introduced 
next year has now been delayed until November 2020.
In the meantime the current system will continue up to that date.
However attached is a short précis explaining the basis of the new system.
Peter Seddon 
Handicap Secretary

Apr 2020

The briefest explanation.:-
1) The current Standard Scratch Score will be replaced by
 a COURSE RATING. This represents the expected score of a 
 scratch golfer in normal summer conditions. 
The COURSE RATING for Whetstone (White Tees) is 70.4.
2) Your handicap is based on how well you play relative to
 the COURSE RATING and is calculated from the average 
 of the gross scores of the best 8 of your last 20 rounds. 
  This handicap is now called the HANDICAP INDEX.
3) A SLOPE INDEX has also been issued. This is derived from 
 the expected difference in scores of a 20 handicapper to a scratch golfer. 
 Whetstone’s SLOPE INDEX is 123.
4) When you play golf in a competition, the strokes that you are 
 allowed (now called your COURSE HANDICAP) will depend
 on the SLOPE INDEX of the course you are playing. Your
 COURSE HANDICAP will be displayed in a table posted at the club, 
 but is calculated as :-
5) It will be mandatory to enter your scores on the computer 
 whether you are playing home or away. All rounds on qualifying 
 courses will count but you will be required to pre-register your round. 
 (as you do now for Supplementary Rounds).  Adjustment of your
 HANDICAP INDEX will automatically be made by the computer.
I will post further details during 2020.
Peter Seddon
Handicap Secretary