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 Competition Conditions (2)




a)     Entries and Entry Fee – the entry fee (£7.00 per team) must be paid on the day of completing the entry form.  All teams must supply a telephone number when completing the entry.


b)    Groups –. Teams will be grouped at the discretion of the committee and can be any combination of Men/Ladies/Juniors


c)     Dates – Dates will be published on the Internet and the club notice board.  All matches must be played on the appointed dates unless agreed by the committee.


d)     Format – four-ball better ball match play: 2 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a half.


e)     Handicaps – handicaps will be capped at 24 (for men/juniors) and 32 (for Ladies) although all members with an active handicap are eligible to enter. The handicap allowance is 9/10 the difference from the lowest. Ladies will receive 4 extra shots, to be added before the difference is calculated and capping applied (this was agreed with the committee due to the shortening of the course for men in winter and longer for ladies) – so maximum would be 36 (32 +4) then calculate the difference from the lowest handicap.


f)     Tees – yellow tees are to be used throughout the competition for men & juniors with ladies playing off the red tees. With the competition being any combination of players only one set of stroke Indices can be used. As the majority of the entrants are Men then the Men’s stroke index will apply.


g)     Course Closed – If 10 holes or more are open the match must be played.  If the course is closed during play, results of matches in a completed group will stand; results in a partially played group will be void.  If at least 10 holes have been played, the score when the course was closed will stand as the result.  If matches are voided then each team is awarded 1 point.


h)     Substitutes – if a player is unavailable a substitute may be used, the team starts one down.  Substitutes must not have entered as players in any of the other winter league groups.  Both players may not be substituted.  Substitutes are not allowed in the Final. If a substitute is used and the permanent player has not arrived in time for the tee time then the match should commence with the substitute only (The handicap difference will be taken off the lowest player even if they have not arrived). If by the time the match reaches the 3rd tee the permanent player has still not arrived, then the opponents at their discretion can claim a 3&2 Walkover at this point. However, if contact has been made with the permanent player and the opponents are in agreement then the permanent player may join later into the match.


i)       Unavailability of Both Players – when neither player is available, the opponents must be notified by 9:00pm the preceding evening.  If their opponents are not notified, 2 points will be deducted and a fine of £7.00 per team will be imposed.  In either case the opponents may claim the match without playing.   The results sheet should be annotated “walk over” and a 3&2 win will be declared.   Players with outstanding fines will not be permitted entry to any subsequent club competition. 


j)      Permanent Replacements – may be allowed subject to less than 50% of group matches having been completed and approval from the Competitions Committee.


k)     Match Results – the results sheet for all league matches must be completed within 1 hour of completion of the last match of the day.  If the result sheet is not completed, the match will be declared void and no points awarded.


l)       Qualification for Quarter & Semi-finals – once the Leagues have been completed the top 2 teams from each of the three groups will proceed to the quarter-final stage along with the two best third places (based upon points then aggregate) as follows: -


·        QF Match 1 =Winner of A V’s Runner-up of B, QF Match 2 = Winner of B V’s Runner-up of A, QF Match 3 = Winner of D V’s 1st ‘3rd place’, QF Match 4 = Runner-up of C V’s 2nd ‘3rd place’.

·        Semi-final draw for QF Winners - SF1 = Match 1 V’s Match 3, SF 2 = Match 2 V’s Match 4


m)   If Teams Finish on Equal Points – the following criteria will be used to determine who qualifies

·        aggregates of holes won/lost

·        results between the teams involved

(If this does not produce a clear winner, these criteria will be ignored and criteria below be applied)

·        play-offs

·        If there are more than two ‘Third place’ teams on equal points and equal aggregate then a draw will be made in the presence of witnesses in the club house.


n)     Disputes – all disputes arising from these rules must be communicated in writing to the ‘Chairman of the Competition Committee’.


o)     Prizes – The Winter League Trophy will be awarded to the grand final winners. Prize vouchers will be awarded to the winner of the final, the losing finalists & those finishing in second place of the semi-finals.


p)     Rules of golf – All rules of golf to be adhered to at all times during the winter league.


oct 2020