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Competition Conditions (13)

Australian Spoons 2021


1.1. Open to Women in possession of an individual up-to-date Handicap Index between 15 – 54 under the Rules

of Handicapping at the time of marking a card in the qualifying round(s). A Handicap Index must be issued

from a “golf club” (as defined in the Rules of Handicapping book) that is authorised to use the Rules of

Handicapping. A player may enter from one club only but need not play with the same partner in attempting

to qualify. The qualifying partnership must not change once a pair has qualified for the regional or national

finals. Players whose exact Handicap Index drops below 14.5 are still eligible to qualify on a card marked

whilst their Handicap Index was between 15 and 54.

1.2. Each round shall be played on a course with a slope rating and course rating. The course must meet

qualifying conditions.

1.3. The WHS stroke allowance of 50% of the combined course handicap will apply for all qualifying rounds,

regional finals and the national final.

1.4. Any ties are to be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s), and after that on the first 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s)

1.5. Players who qualify for a regional or national final are to walk at all times. Buggies will only be permitted

on medical grounds (See Transportation Policy).

1.6. Entry Fee: £2.00 per player, per round (£4.00 per card). All entry fees to be forwarded to the Regional


1.7. Clubs are requested to hold at least one qualifying competition for their members but there is no limit to

the number of qualifying competitions that can be held, and players are permitted to enter multiple cards.

Qualifying rounds may be played at any time from Friday 1st January 2021. Entries to each regional final

must be received by the regional organiser by the specific date stated for each regional event.

1.8. A maximum field of 64 pairs may play in a regional final. If oversubscribed, there will be a waiting list.

Players are to play in their own regional final and may not switch to another venue. The winning pair

from each regional final shall qualify for the national final, to be held on Tuesday 10 August 2021

at Woodhall Spa Golf Club.

1.9. If a club’s representatives have to withdraw from a regional final, they must inform the regional organiser

as soon as possible. Provided there is no waiting list for places in the regional final, a club may substitute

its winners with the next best placed pair.