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                Information for New Members

                        Welcome to Whetstone.

                          We hope you find us a friendly and accommodating club for players of all ages and abilities,

                            and wish you many hours of enjoyable golf.

                                                         The members, the management and the committee.



                            Whetstone Golf Club is an affiliated club of the Golf England and the English Ladies Golf Union,

                            the governing bodies of  the game in England.

                            As a member of Whetstone, the club, on your behalf, has paid your affiliation subscription to these

                            unions as part of your  annual fees to Whetstone Golf Club Ltd. In addition you are required to pay

                             the Members levy (currently  £12.50 per season). This represents the cost of your membership to the

                             Club and funds the organisation of competition and social activities. Your elected committee has

                             the responsibility for organisation of the club competitions and maintenance of the member’s handicaps

                              under the auspices of the Council of National Golf Unions - C.O.N.G.U.

                                        The current committee comprises:-

                                The Club Captain chairs the committee, officiates over club functions such as the presentation evenings.


                                The Club Secretary deals with day to day correspondence to and from the club and schedules and

                                        manages the club events.


                                The President is an honorary position held by a long term member and represents the club at some functions.


                                The Treasurer manages club funds and is responsible for correctly audited accounts.


                                The Competition Chairman through his sub-committee organises the club competitions. 


                                         The Handicap secretary is responsible for allocation and maintenance of handicaps under the CONGU

                                          rules and for the competition draws and processing of results.


                                The Lady Captain with the Ladies Committee organises the ladies section, officiates

                                        at club functions and captains  the  ladies teams.


                                The Vice-captain is the captain elect and deputises for the captain when required.


                                        The immediate Past-captain – last years Captain.


                                         The  Junior Organiser  organises and fosters junior golf at Whetstone


                                 The Vice-captain  deputises for the captain when required.




                                     For members who are aged 60 or over you will be welcome at events (both golf and social), organised by the 

                                    Seniors  Group at Whetstone. See the seniors notice board  or contact a member of the Senior’s sub-committee

                                    if you wish to participate.

                                    Similarly  young members 18 years age or less qualify as Junior Members. Activities are coordinated by the Junior

                                    Organiser. Contact a member of the committee if you are a new member.

                                     The Ladies Sub-committee organise events for the Ladies Section. Please contact the Lady Captain or a

                                      member of  the  committee for further  information.


                       Duties of Members

                                In Regard to Handicaps  --


                                        Under the C.O.N.G.U system of handicapping, there are several obligations on handicap holders:-


                                                    1 To have only one handicap.

                                                    2 To notify us if you are also member at another club.

                                                    3 If you are member of more than one club. You must elect one as your "home" club to administer your

                                                         handicap. You must notify your "Away" clubs of any changes to your handicap.

                                                    4 In competitions - ensure your name is on the entry list                                          


                            Return your card whether you complete the round or not. (No Returns –NRs)

                            Report to Home club all Qualifying Scores (inc NRs) and Stableford Reduced Score.

                            Prior to play ensure that your handicap is up to date including any self reductions.

                            Fill in your score card correctly


                           In Regard to Golf Course Etiquette:-


                                On the Course:-   

                                                    The one major issue that will guarantee to make you public enemy number one is slow play.

                                                    When you start playing, it may be surprising to find how quickly you have to walk round the course.

                                                    One slow match can ruin the enjoyment of 100 golfers (no exaggeration). It is best for all concerned

                                                    if you can keep pace with the golfers in front. If you cannot and you lose one clear hole to the players

                                                    in front you must wave the match behind through.


                            Course Care:-

·                                            No trolleys on the greens, green approaches, hazards or tees.

·                                           Replace all turf cut or displaced while playing

·                                                  Smooth over all club and footprint marks made in bunkers i.e. use the rake.

·                                                  Rakes must be returned to the bunker after use.

·                                                                                           Repair ball pitch marks on greens.

·                                                  Take care not to damage the hole when handling the flagstick.

·                                                  Lay the flagstick on the green (or better still, off it). Don’t throw or drop it.

·                                                                                            Do not leave golf bags on the green.

·                                                  Be quiet when your partners are playing their shot and be aware that there are other people on the course.


There you are – quite easy really, but it is amazing how many golfers who have been playing for a few years and have yet to acquire this knowledge.      


                            In Regard to Dress:-


                                        As a member your attention is drawn to the  Club  bye-laws :-

                                        On the Course:


                                                        “Dress standards on the course must be upheld. Players on the course must wear shirts with a collar

                                                         or a polo neck shirt or pullover. Tailored shorts are allowed but must be worn in conjunction with white

                                                          socks. Collar-less shirts, singlets, jeans, tracksuits and trousers which are tucked into socks are not

                                                          allowed on the course. Shirts must be tucked into trousers at all times.”

In the Clubhouse:

                                                           "Dress standards in the clubhouse must be upheld. No hats, spiked shoes or waterproofs are allowed

                                                            to be worn in the lounge area.”




Introduction to Handicaps

In Great Britain and Ireland the rules to which official handicaps are governed by C.O.N.G.U. an advisory body to the British golf Unions.

How do I get one?

If you are new to Whetstone Golf Club you will need to have a C.O.N.G.U. recognised handicap before you can play in any official club competition.

If you have joined us from another club and have held a valid handicap within the last 6 months then inform us of this and we will process your handicap here. You need to do this even if you are still a member of another club and wish your handicap to be administered there.

Otherwise you are requested to submit cards from 3 rounds. These can be played at any time but must be marked by current handicap holders. Most members will be pleased to oblige. Please mark the card with the colour of the tee from which you played (either white or yellow for Men and boys and red for ladies and girls) together with the date. Place these in the Blue Box in the Pro’s Shop (or the Ladies Locker Room).

Whetstone Golf Club also uses the C.O.N.G.U. "Club Handicap" system for juniors who have not yet been able to reach the capability of playing to the normal maximum of 28 handicap. In this system Handicaps up to 54 can be allocated which can be used for internal

junior competitions or other competitions where specified. Adjustment of Club Handicaps operates slightly differently to the adult system in that handicaps can only be reduced! Further details can be obtained from the CONGU handbook.  If you think you qualify for a Club Handicap contact the Handicap Secretary.


Maintaining Handicaps

Once your handicap has been issued it is posted in the changing rooms. This is the Master List and you should check your handicap here whenever you play. Maximum handicap for men is 28 and for Ladies 36.

Your handicap can change in three ways:-

--as a result of your scores in a Qualifying Competition or

_ by submission of a “supplementary card”

--by a adjustment made under "General Play"

Qualifying Competitions:-

When you play in a Qualifying Competition and your net score is below the CSS (Competition Scratch Score)

your handicap will be reduced depending on how far below it is. If your score is significantly above the CSS then your handicap will increase by 0.1. This is the most that can be added as a result of one round.

Self-Reduction:-  In circumstances where a reduction in handicap is warranted as a result of a Qualifying Competition,  but the handicap has not yet been formally adjusted. Self adjustment must be made. In no circumstances can handicaps be increased under this clause.


Supplementary Cards:-


Depending on the handicap you hold you may be able to score supplementary cards outside of competitions.

For details on how these changes are implemented and calculated see the section on "Handicaps"

General Play:-

At times when the handicap committee considers that your handicap does not reflect your playing ability then a General Play adjustment can be made. Your form in non-qualifying play and as well as Qualifying Competitions may be taken into account. General play adjustments are never less than one whole stroke.








All Official Club Competitions are listed in your membership book and under Golf Calendar on the website. Most of these will be Qualifying Competitions unless the conditions of the competition rule this out. Other competitions may be organised from time to time these will be non-qualifying.

Monthly Medals.


Two medal competitions (open to all members) and one senior medal are played per month. One on a Saturday , one on a Sunday and in the case on the senior medal on a Monday. Juniors play one medal per month played over Saturday and


Sunday. Dates are posted on the Golf Calendar. In addition from April to September weekday medals are held on the last Friday of the month.

There is no need to pre-enter for these competitions. Just turn up at any time during the day, enter your name on the list and pay your entrance fee (Currently £1.50) in the Pro’s Shop before playing.


Ladies play up to two medals per month. You can play your round on the Sunday or the corresponding Tuesday. Dates are posted on the Golf Calendar.

Main Competitions

Invitations to enter the main competitions are posted on the notice board 4 weeks prior to the event. You have choice of which time slot you want to play in. Simply enter your name. Competition dates are posted on the Golf Calendar.

In these competitions a random draw will take place and be published 1 week before hand on the notice board and under Starting Times on the club website.

Be sure to return your card to the Competition Box after your round, correctly filled in and signed by yourself and your marker (who must be a handicap holder). Results are posted on the website and on the clubhouse notice board within a few days.


More About Handicaps


-As a Result of a Qualifying Competition:-

First a few facts-

A player’s EXACT handicap is calculated to one decimal place.

A player’s PLAYING handicap is the exact handicap to the nearest stroke (.5 is rounded upwards).  E.g. 12.5 becomes 13

A QUALIFYING COMPETITION is a competition organised by the authorised body (i.e. the Club) which complies with the conditions of medal play as defined by C.O.N.G.U.
For the purposes of handicapping only, a player’s score in a competition is calculated after a STABLEFORD REDUCTION. That is, all net scores on a hole worse than two over par are reduced to two over. This applies also to holes which have not been completed (NRs)

The STANDARD SCRATCH SCORE (SSS) is allocated by the Leics & Rutland Golf Union to a course as the score that a scratch golfer would be expected to achieve ideal under conditions.

The COMPETITION SCRATCH SCORE is an adjusted SSS for a competition, calculated from the results so as to reflect the weather and course conditions.

A player’s NET DIFFERENTIAL in strokeplay is the difference between a player’s score and the CSS for the day. (For Stableford or Bogey Competitions see below)

Net Differentials

Players’ handicaps are adjusted as a result of the Net Differential in accordance with the table below.

A Net Differential <0 results in a handicap reduction by an amount per stroke as indicated below.

Net Differentials that fall within the BUFFER ZONE result in no change to the handicap.


Net Differentials above the Buffer Zone result in an increase in exact handicap of 0.1

The width of the Buffer Zone depends on current handicap or category:-

            Handicap     Category    Buffer Zone Reduction/stroke

          5 or Less             1             0 to +1              0.1

               6 to 12                2             0 to +2             0.2

          13 to 20              3             0 to +3             0.3

          20 to 28              4              0 to +4            0.4

          29 to 36     5(Ladies Only )  0 to +5            0.5


When a player’s handicap is reduced so that it goes from a higher Category to a lower one then it is reduced at the rate of the higher category until it is brought into the lower category and  then at the lower rate for the remainder. E.g. If a player with an exact handicap of 12.9 has a net differential of –3, Then reduction is calculated as


                 12.9 minus 0.3=12.6 cat 3

                 12.6 minus 0.3=12.3 cat 2

                 12.3 minus 0.2=12.1

Feeling confused?

The easy way is to use the look up table following!

But if you really, really get stuck then contact the Handicap Secretary



                        Net Differential

                       -1   -2    -3    -4    -5    -6    -7   -8  >Buffer Zone

Exact Handicaps

    <5.5        -0.1 -0.2 -0.3 -0.4 -0.5 -0.6 -0.7 -0.8 +0.1

  5.5-5.6      -0.2 -0.3 -0.4 -0.5 -0.6 -0.7 -0.8 -0.9 +0.1

  5.7-5.8      -0.2 -0.4 -0.5 -0.6 -0.7 -0.8 -0.9 -1.0 +0.1

  5.9-6.0      -0.2 -0.4 -0.6 -0.7 -0.8 -0.9 -1.0 -1.1 +0.1

  6.1-6.2      -0.2 -0.4 -0.6 -0.8 -0.9 -1.0 -1.1 -1.2 +0.1

  6.3-6.4      -0.2 -0.4 -0.6 -0.8 -1.0 -1.1 -1.2 -1.3 +0.1

  6.5-6.6      -0.2 -0.4 -0.6 -0.8 -1.0 -1.2 -1.3 -1.4 +0.1

  6.7-6.8      -0.2 -0.4 -0.6 -0.8 -1.0 -1.2 -1.4 -1.5 +0.1

  6.9-12.4    -0.2 -0.4 -0.6 -0.8 -1.0 -1.2 -1.4 -1.6 +0.1

12.5-12.7    -0.3 -0.5 -0.7 -0.9 -1.1 -1.3 -1.5 -1.7 +0.1

12.8-13.0    -0.3 -0.6 -0.8 -1.0 -1.2 -1.4 -1.6 -1.8 +0.1

13.1-13.3    -0.3 -0.6 -0.9 -1.1 -1.3 -1.5 -1.7 -1.9 +0.1

13.4-13.6    -0.3 -0.6 -0.9 -1.2 -1.4 -1.6 -1.8 -2.0 +0.1

13.7-13.9    -0.3 -0.6 -0.9 -1.2 -1.5 -1.7 -1.9 -2.1 +0.1

14.0-14.1    -0.3 -0.6 -0.9 -1.2 -1.5 -1.8 -2.0 -2.2 +0.1

14.3-14.5    -0.3 -0.6 -0.9 -1.2 -1.5 -1.8 -2.1 -2.3 +0.1

14.6-20.4    -0.3 -0.6 -0.9 -1.2 -1.5 -1.8 -2.1 -2.4 +0.1

20.5-20.8    -0.4 -0.7 -1.0 -1.3 -1.6 -1.9 -2.2 -2.5 +0.1

20.9-21.2    -0.4 -0.8 -1.1 -1.4 -1.7 -2.0 -2.3 -2.6 +0.1

21.3-21.6    -0.4 -0.8 -1.1 -1.5 -1.8 -2.1 -2.4 -2.7 +0.1

21.7-22.0    -0.4 -0.8 -1.2 -1.6 -1.9 -2.1 -2.5 -2.8 +0.1

22.1-22.4    -0.4 -0.8 -1.2 -1.6 -2.0 -2.3 -2.6 -2.9 +0.1

22.5-22.8    -0.4 -0.8 -1.2 -1.6 -2.0 -2.4 -2.7 -3.0 +0.1

22.9-23.2    -0.4 -0.8 -1.2 -1.6 -2.0 -2.4 -2.8 -3.1 +0.1

23.3-28.0    -0.4 -0.8 -1.2 -1.6 -2.0 -2.4 -2.8 -3.2 +0.1

Ladies Only

28.1-28.4    -0.4 -0.8 -1.2 -1.6 -2.0 -2.4 -2.8 -3.2 +0.1

28.5-28.9    -0.5 -0.9 -1.3 -1.7 -2.1 -2.5 -2.9 -3.3 +0.1

29.0-29.4    -0.5 -1.0 -1.4 -1.8 -2.2 -2.6 -3.0 -3.4 +0.1

29.5-29.9    -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -1.9 -2.3 -2.7 -3.1 -3.5 +0.1

   30.0-30.4    -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.4 -2.8 -3.2 -3.6 +0.1  

    30.3-30.9    -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.5 -2.9 -3.3 -3.7 +0.1   

 31.0-31.4    -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.5 -3.0 -3.4 -3.8 +0.1

31.5-31.9    -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.5 -3.0 -3.5 -3.9 +0.1

32.0-36.0    -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 -2.5 -3.0 -3.5 -4.0 +0.1

In Stableford Competitions the Net Differential is obtained by subtracting 36 from your score and then taking off the difference between SSS and the CSS!

             IE Points-36-CSS+SSS

E.g. Player score 38 points from our White tees (SSS 70) in a competition when the CSS is 71

Then the Net Diff = 38-36-71+70=-3

In PAR or Bogey Competitions score yourself the equivalent stableford score i.e.

2 up = 38 points

1 up=37 points

 Square=36 points

1 down=35 points

2 down 34 points


And calculate your Net Diff as for stableford.

Self-Reduction:- Normally handicaps are adjusted as soon as is practicable. However there will occasions when there has been insufficient time to post new handicaps before you play again. This may be because two competitions are close together or maybe you have played in a competition at another club and the result has not yet been processed. In these cases you are required to make a temporary reduction in your handicap if your net score is under the CSS following the procedure above. If you do not know the CCS at this time then you can assume that the CCS=SSS

NB Self reduction can only be made as a result of a Qualifying Competitions and in no circumstances can handicaps be increased under this clause.

Exceptional Play Reductions:- Over the course of a season, if you score a net differential of minus 4 or less two or more times, then you handicap may suffer an Exceptional Play cut. The reduction will be between 0.5 and 2 strokes depending on the scores and the period between the rounds. There is no need to self cut handicaps as a result of exceptional scores.

-from Supplementary Cards:-

Members can submit supplementary cards. You must sign the entry list at the clubhouse before starting the round. The round must be scored by another player that hold a CONGU handicap and must be played off white tees. Put your signed card in the competition box as in a normal competition. Your card will be scored as if in competition. For further details on supplementary cards see the notice board.

- As a Result of General Play:-

General Play:- At times when the handicap committee considers that your handicap does not reflect your playing ability, then General Play adjustment can be made. (Your form in non-qualifying play as well as Qualifying Competitions may be taken into account). Adjustments are usually made at an annual review in early spring. General play adjustments are never less than one whole stoke.